Thank you very much for your interest in our Personalized Immersive English programme focused on everyday conversation and Business English.

You are invited to be a part of our exclusive group of learners whom we are happily teaching both personally and directly; without boring lessons or extreme schedules, upon the same quality we have been instructing professionals and students for over fifteen years.

Our teamwork counts on academic support from certified facilitators with ESL/EFL teaching background, and highly identified with our Immersive curriculum to be applied at each lesson.

The importance of speaking English as a second language is essential for any college student and recently graduated professional.  
Our countries themselves have been competing with bilingual countries in America, Europe, and Asia, and the biggest mistake is that only a few of our senior executives make efficient communication in English; depending only within them the success or failure of the negotiations.  
Call center operators have had to get prepared with specialized courses addressed to telephoning and customer service, all of these executives have realised that the integrated courses they were taught at schools and/or private institutions have simply not been good enough to be part of this multilingual global community.  

A different learning methodology is drastically needed.

Immersion English -ie- has changed the strategy of teaching English as a second language (ESL).  It promotes technical and tough programmes focusing upon the bilingual reality our professionals face. On the other hand, YOU, as a student, should conscientiously work harder in order to reach fluency in English – to be able to speak as well as you speak your mother tongue. Put your fears aside and make English a natural way to communicate. 

About Immersion English -ie- and the Oral Rating Scale -ORS - Test.

The purpose of our Immersion English -ie-  is to enhance the level of English each student has by practicing their learned skills in real situations. The EFL/ESL participants will be prepared by following a sequence of activities (Stages) that involve five targets focused on proper communication in English: Comprehension, Fluency, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation.

Immersive Sequence: (This Sequence might vary depending on the level of the student).

Stage 1-
• Pronunciation: Ability to use correct stress, rhythm, and intonation pattern.  

Stage 2-
•Vocabulary: Ability to understand and use vocabulary words and phrases.

Stage 3-
•Speaking: Ability to speak quickly, naturally, and without many pauses.  

Stage 4-
• Listening and Comprehension: Ability to understand spoken English by listening
   in order to answer  questions and respond statements  appropriately.

Stage 5-
• Writing: Ability to use correct spelling of the words, punctuation, sentence
   structure and essay patterns.



Students are evaluated on a 50-point Oral Rating Scale -ORS- test with the purpose of determining their level of English:


The ORS Test determines their level of English according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - CEFR --, and how it fits in with other descriptions of the language level. Once it is completed, the score result will identify which sequence is the appropriate for the learner to work with.

•Comprehension:  10 Pts.
  Ability to understand questions and respond appropriately.

•Fluency:  10 Pts.
  Ability to speak quickly, naturally, and without many pauses.

•Grammar: 10 Pts.   
  Ability to use correct grammar and sentence structures.

•Vocabulary: 10 Pts.
  Ability to understand and use vocabulary words and phrases.

Pronunciation: 10 Pts.
  Ability to use correct stress, rhythm, and intonation pattern.

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